Friday, 2 November 2007

The Risks Involved In Trying To Take Surveys Online For Money

I've talked many times about the great benefits you can get if you take surveys online for money but what risks are involved or is it completely safe.

Sadly it isn't completely safe. As with any other product on the internet there will be someone somewhere trying to con people in one way or another.

The most common ways to scam people is to get them to pay for a product that either doesn't exist or is a sub standard version of the real thing. The latter is the biggest problem when you use a paid surveys directory.

The best paid surveys sites are only available on a paid access list but unfortunately scam artists have tapped onto this as a way for them to make money. What they do is simply offer up a list that is identical ( and sometimes worse ) to the ones available on free directories, which brings me to the second risk involved when you take surveys online for money.

Why would someone offer you something totally free when others are charging for a very similar product? Doesn't make sense does it, the reason though will tend to be one of two things firstly the product/version they offer will be of a lower quality or secondly they will be making money via some other method. Free directories do both.

The list a free directory will provide will be both smaller and of a lower quality than a good legitimate paid online surveys directory. The reason for this is that free sites only look and provide companies that are willing to pay them a commission for providing them with new members thus this is how they make their money.

This wouldn't be so bad but these companies tend to be of a very low quality and are mostly only looking for people to register there email address so that they can bombard them with spam emails trying to get you to buy products from them. The companies will actually more often that not provide no cash paid surveys whatsoever.

The third and final risks is that some paid surveys directories or the sites they provide links to will have no privacy policy. What this means is that they are free to sell or pass on any personal information you give them, leading at the very least to tons of spam and at the worst a risk of identity theft.

I always recommend before giving your personal details to any site or company you check for a privacy policy first as this is the biggest risk of all if that information falls into the wrong hands.

Of course if you use a good paid surveys directory to take surveys online for money then you should have no problems and enjoy making a nice bit of extra cash from online surveys. Check out this comparison table of survey directories to help you find the better and safer directories here.

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