Thursday, 4 October 2007

Top Dollar Surveys Review - Is Top Dollar Surveys Legit?

Top Dollar Surveys is a survey site that is growing in stature but is it deserved? Firstly it has to be said that members could have very few complaints about the quality of the list of companies that Top Dollar Surveys provide them with. The list is of a good size and the companies contained are on it are of a relatively high quality.

Top Dollar Surveys currently offer some of the best advice of any site on how to make online surveys work for you, which does give the feeling that at least the site owners know what they are talking about.

So far so good in the top dollar surveys review but sadly the rest isn't great. Although there on site advice is the best around actually getting in touch with customer service is another matter entirely. I've tried several times over the last month and to be honest I haven't had a single reply.

Secondly the site isn't on the attractive site and appears thrown together, with it difficult at first to get around the site. Of course once you've messed around for a while this won't be a problem but it should be easy from the word go.

These moans apart Top Dollar Surveys is a good site to join as they offer companies that pay cash rewards and have a good sized list of companies. They are also safe to use according to the web browser security software tools I've used. Other members I've spoken to also seem fairly pleased with Top Dollar Surveys.

To Join Top Dollar Surveys Click Here.

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