Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Survey Savvy Review - Is Survey Savvy The Best Paid Surveys Online Directory?

I'm going to be honest straight away here and tell you that the title above is a little misleading. The reason for this is because Survey Savvy isn't a paid surveys online directory at all. Well what is Survey Savvy? Basically Survey Savvy is just one survey company.

The reason I'm reviewing it is because people do seem to have become a little confused about Survey Savvy and some sites are now seemingly rating it as a paid surveys online directory but that isn't the case.

However Survey Savvy is definitely legitimate and since I've started I may as well finish reviewing it. It is certainly worth signing up with Survey Savvy as they are one of the best providers of cash surveys around with a minimum $3 cash amount. Also if you fail to get sent any surveys in a period because you don't qualify you will instead be entered into a prize draw.

Survey Savvy also offer all members a refferel link. Basically this means once you join, if you wish you can then recommend joining to your friends and if you get them to join using your special link you will then receive a fee for each person that joins them through your link.

As I've said Survey Savvy is totally legit and one of the best survey providers around and totally free to sign up with. However as they are not a paid surveys online directory and only one company you will not maximize your potential income. For this you will need access to a directory and for this I would recommend Express Paid Surveys at this moment in time.

Even though you will need to join a paid surveys online directory I would recommend trying Survey Savvy now as it's free and at least you've made a start with online surveys by signing up with one of the best companies around. Click Here to visit Survey Savvy

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