Monday, 8 October 2007

Get Cash For Surveys Review - Will You Get Online Cash Surveys With Get Surveys For Cash

So will you find online cash surveys with the Get Cash For Surveys Directory? Or is Get Cash for surveys a scam survey site?

Well if you are looking for online cash surveys then I strongly suggest you try a different survey directory to achieve that goal than the one offered by Get Surveys For Cash. Although not a complete scam as the list they provide does contain legitimate companies the fact is that those companies could hardly be of a lower quality.

The companies here aren't the only problem with Get Cash For Surveys as after there nice sales page it all goes downhill quickly. There is nothing at all about the site which would make me think about recommending them.

Another problem is that feedback from other members is alarmingly poor with complaints about customer service and people struggling to get refunds. Web browser security software also rate the site a high risk.

As I said the site isn't a scam but you will struggle to find online cash surveys with the Get Cash For Surveys directory. The truth is that with several better directories around for the same price it makes no sense to settle for Get Cash For Surveys mediocre effort. To Join Get Cash For Surveys Click Here

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