Thursday, 27 September 2007

Maximum Paid Surveys Review - Is Maximum Paid Surveys A Legitimate Paid Online Surveys Directory?

As each day passes there seems to be a new directory claiming to be the best in the business, one such site I came across a few months back was Maximum Paid Surveys that claimed to be a legitimate paid online surveys directory that was better than the rest - but is it.

If your looking for a legitimate paid online surveys directory to help make you money with online surveys then you could certainly do a lot worse than Maximum Paid Surveys. With over 400 companies on there database you can have no complaint about the number of companies and unlike other survey sites which offer this many companies Maximum Paid Surveys are actually quality companies rather than ones just there to make up the numbers.

Maximum Paid Surveys offers greater value for money than other legitimate paid online surveys directories as they allow multiple users from the same membership. This means instead of each family member having to pay for there own membership you just need the one. This is great for those where a few of you are interested as you can split the fee, meaning it costs you next to nothing, but all have the same benefits and access to a great directory.

The members area of Maximum Paid Surveys is easy to find your way around with the survey companies divided into easy to use categories such as location or market sector ( i.e retail, industrial and so on.). There is also very good advice that will explain how to get the most out of online surveys and the customer support is very good.

As an added bonus you also get free membership to there mystery shopping site, which is an extra way to make some cash.

All the web browser security software I've tested with also rate Maximum Paid Surveys as a safe site with no links to companies that pose a threat/risk, no spam and a money back guarantee.

As far as legitimate paid online surveys directories go Maximum Paid Surveys ranks very highly as one of the best and is one of very few to be rated no risk by web browser software. The quality of companies is also very high so as long as you put in a little effort and establish yourself with the companies provided you should be making good money in no time at all.

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